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Bill Vermillion, veteran
Sioux Falls VA

William F. Vermillion, 2007    Audio interview
Branch of Service: United States Army Air Corps
Highest Rank: Tech Sergeant
Military Service: June, 1942 - September, 1945
Listen to the following interview sections by scrolling forward to the time cue.
:09 Part of the 9th Air Force 455th Squadron in England
:26 Drafted into service
2:06 Siblings in the service
2:49 Trip after training
5:00 Flew the B26 marauder experience
8:04 February 5th conincidence 42 years later
9:45 Became a prisoner of war
11:04 Moment of being captured
12:51 Reunion with pilot
15:34 Being captured and traveling while being a prisoner
18:43 Parents communcation during POW
20:55 Coming home
22:21 Being shot down - tailgunner story
25:13 Learned from experience

William F. Vermillion, 2007 (Interviewed by Fritz Miller, SDPB Director of Marketing)

Crew of WWII bomber called the Swamp Chicken - (Front row left to right);
Myres, Mims, Jackson (Second row left to right) Brush, Vermillion and Miyo;
Photo taken on the 50th mission of the bomber
(Photo provided by William F. Vermillion; R. Mims)

Former Elk Point Youth Winner of D.F.C., Air Medal with 3 Clusters
(Article provided by William F. Vermillion)

Elk Point Man Reported Lost, Staff Sergeant William Vermillion is Missing in Action
(Article provided by William F. Vermillion)
Lima Flier Receives Two Medals for Battle Feats (Article provided by William F. Vermillion)

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