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Robert Drew, Independent submission

Robert Drew

Audio Interview

Picture with Nazi soldiers (pinkish tinge): Nazis attending a banquet in the
City Hall of Sulzbach-Rosenberg in Bavaria, Germany. Bob Drew says this
scene occurred in March 1944, about a year before his division reached the
town. Americans found film when they entered the town a year later, and Bob
was given the task of getting it developed. This was one of the photos recovered.
Bob wrote the message on the back at the time he printed the photo.

Picture of town with American tanks and soldiers This is the same town,
Sulzbach-Rosenberg, a year later, on March 29, 1945, after the arrival of
Bob Drew's outfit, the 3rd Army 8th Armored Division, attached to the 90th
 Infantry Division, all under George S. Patton. Bob was in the street at that
time of this photo but the division's photographer took the picture. The sign
protruding into the scene is on a gasthaus (guest house).

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