Frank Buckles, last living American WWI Veteran

Frank Buckles, the last American World War One veteran, was presented with an American flag in recognition of his military service during Independence Day ceremonies at Mt. Rushmore in July 2008. Photo by Jim Kent

Frank Buckles was the last American World War I veteran. He passed away February 27, 2011.  Mr. Buckles visited the Black Hills, in July of 2008, at the invitation of the National Park Service and the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial Society. He was honored during Independence Day activities at Mt. Rushmore for his military service in World War I, for his survival as a civilian prisoner-of-war during World War II, for his many years of service to his country traveling the globe as a steamship purser and for his well-lived long life.  Mr. Buckles spoke extensively with SDPB journalist Jim Kent during his visit to South Dakota.

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